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Have you ever paid to promote a song, but those fans didn't show up for your next release? Maybe you've tried digital marketing yourself, but can't get your head around the Ads Manager platform. Want to plan your own event, but don't know how to reach the masses? 

If you don't know that there's a whole world beyond boosted posts then you need our service. 

With our service we don't promise x amount of streams for x amount of money, because we understand the many factors that go into digital marketing. For instance a budget of $20/day to US viewers will reach a far lesser audience than $10/day in a place like Egypt or India. With over 6 years experience in digital marketing specifically for musicians, we know all of the nuances to capitalize on your target market.   
All of our campaigns are custom tailored to the artists target market. No one size fits all around here, and because of this the fans will be more  likely to engage and stick around for you next release.  The only guarantee we make is for all fans to be real humans and never bots. 

We believe you shouldn't waste money on on-off streams, so we put more effort into connecting you with fans who will follow and share your music. A warm introduction from a familiar face is how you become the talk of the town, not a cold introduction featuring inflated streams.

While we recommend the industry standard of $5/day, our bespoke system allows us to optimize your ad spend to have the most effective reach. We only charge a percentage of your ad budget so you have more money for other things.  

Ready to grow

If you think you are ready to leave the marketing up to the pro's, drop us a line. Briefly outline your target audience, their location and your overall goals for the campaign. Someone from the team will get back to you.