King T van 'merica

"I'm just a tadpole in a big pond"

Columbus, Georgia native, Toeknee Tee started his musical odyssey in 2013 kicking records down in Sydney, Australia shortly after moving there. He found his love for underground house music in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of Sydney nightlife, but sometime down the line he decided to take his talents to Europe. Nowadays you can catch him rocking the mic like an asteroid from Wales to Prague.

Toeknee Tee released his first original "GezelligAF" in 2016 featuring Aussie hip-hop artist Merc Mason. With releases like “R4M” and “Freaknik 2020” getting major support from BBC Radio and RN7(NL), he has captivated his audience with is positive brand of hiphop “without the b!tches and H0’s”.

Truly in a league of his own, Toeknee Tee isn't your typical artist as he also plays the roles of Producer and Sound Engineer on many of the labels releases. Since then Toeknee Tee has produced numerous Hip Hop releases through Set Tripp'n encompassing Artists and Producers from USA to Egypt, all while gigging across the globe at some of the world's hottest clubs.

Portret Toeknee Tee-2 copy
Portret Toeknee Tee-2 copy





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Nijmegen, NL

Egg Nightclub
London, UK

Egg Nightclub
London, UK

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High Rise Music Festival
Goch, DE

Noteable Gigs

Club Nyx (Amsterdam🇳🇱) | T' Nivo (Antwerpen🇧🇪) | Badehaus (Berlin🇩🇪)
Vlkova 26 (Prague 🇨🇿) | Output (New York City🇺🇸) | Ty Glyndwr (Caernarfon🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿)
Zazada Beach Club (Phuket🇹🇭) | Soho (Sydney🇦🇺) | I <3 Fashion(Vienna🇦🇹) 

London Fashion Week 2019(London🇬🇧)

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